Friday, August 7, 2015

Working On My Marriage

Honestly my marriage was pretty awesome but as I was new to Christianity I was reading and studying what the biblical marriage was supposed to look like. It turns out we are doing a lot right but I did have some things to work on.

I used the bible, blog posts, a Proverbs 31 study at Good Morning Girls, books and my own heart and prayers to find out what makes a good wife so I could be a better one. Then I picked up the Women Living Well book and it has been phenomenal so far. I'm currently doing the marriage challenges it has in it and I love it!

I have completed week one and will be starting week two on Monday. Even now I can say my marriage is great and it's where I want it. Next in line is becoming a better mother. I know I have a lot more to work on for that.

I have some resources already but I'm looking for more if anyone reading this has any.

I think wanting to become a better wife or mother is a good thought but if you aren't willing to actually work at it, it means nothing.

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