Sunday, August 30, 2015

Are you the egg, the carrot or the coffee bean?

Are you the egg, the carrot or the coffee bean?

In life, some people are like the egg, soft in the beginning, malleable, delicate. But when pressure (like boiling water or life's pressures) surrounds the egg, it gets harder and is tough, not malleable. These are the people who have a hardened heart thanks to the pressures of life.

In life, some people are the carrot. They start of hard and strong, but when pressure (or water) surrounds the carrot it gets softer and softer until it turns to mush. It can't hold it self together, it gets crushed under any weight.

In life, some people are the coffee bean. When pressure (water) hits the coffee bean, the coffee bean changes the water/pressure, not the other way around. The beautiful scent of the coffee bean is magnified by the mixture with the water and the scent affects life and sets the atmosphere. If you're the coffee bean, you are the scent that clears the air. You affect the pressures of life and spread your scent to everyone else.

So which one are you?

*I was taught about this at the Christian Women's Conference I attended. I wanted to share the short form of it with you.


  1. Oh man, I think I am still an egg, but long to be the coffee bean :)

  2. Well I must say that people who know me well, would defiantly say I am the coffee bean. I have been through a lot and tried very hard to not go to mush or gone hard of heart! This is such a great analogy.
    Thank you for sharing this has blessed me!


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