Friday, August 28, 2015

C.O.P.I. Identity Christian Women's Conference

Today was day 1 of the Christian women's conference held by a local church. As a new Christian, I figured this was my change to learn something new, to be surrounded by other Christians and hear some great words from a different Pastor than I normally hear from each Sunday.

Here are just some of the great nuggets of wisdom I gleaned from Day 1

About Community

We must all be planted not just in God's word but in a church, one church, a community in order to be surrounded and to defeat Satan. No hopping from church to church, find the one that fits you best and get rooted in it.

About Your Past

"When you run into your past, tell them, let me show you my future"

"We all have a history but we also all have a destiny."

"You are not what happened to you."  - Satan wants you to think that's true, but it's not.

About Our Mind

There is a difference between Truth and Fact. It can be a fact that you feel a certain way about a situation but that doesn't mean that those feelings are grounded in truth.

"As a woman thinks in her heart so is she" - Proverbs 23:7

About Our Purpose

Purpose= motive, justification, advantage, worth, value, profit etc..

Live ON Purpose but also live IN Purpose, live in the purpose that God has for your life.

"It's time for me to be free to be me"

About Satan

Satan is an identity thief. Satan doesn't want you to know who you are.

Pull Satan out of the front seat and stop letting him drive your life!

Let the Lord bless you and the devil pay for it!

If Satan keeps trying to hurt you or make you sin, it's because you are a commodity he doesn't own. You are gifted and he wants you for himself.

About Decisions

You can't make decisions because Satan gives you too many options. If you didn't have options, you wouldn't be able to pick a bad choice like drinking, drugs, adultery, etc

If you say "I'm not going to decide right now" you've already made a decision. You decided NOT to decide.

Decision= settle the matter or cut off all other options.

When you make a decision, you cut off all the other options Satan wants you to have.

About Misc.

Reactions speak louder than actions. Reactions are your first response, your facial expressions, first words. You can't fake your reaction.

When you magnify - you manifest. The more you think about a negative thing, the bigger it becomes. The more you think of good things, the bigger they become. Which do you want more of?

"My setback is a setup for my comeback."

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