Wednesday, November 7, 2018

65 People to Pray For List

You've been told (or read) a lot about spending more time in prayer and how important prayer is. But when you remember to pray, are you stuck for ideas of who to pray for after your family? Or do you find yourself praying for the same few people over and over and just don't feel like you are covering enough people?

65 People to Pray For List - Don't Leave Anyone Out!

65 People to Pray For

This list starts with the obvious and then goes to others you might not have heard of. Not all of these will be applicable but choose the ones that are and start spreading your praying around.
  1. Husband/Wife
  2. Children
  3. Parents
  4. Your Siblings
  5. Your Children's Families (if they are grown)
  6. Your Children's Friends
  7. Your Extended Family (Aunts, Uncles, Cousins)
  8. Grandparents
  9. Close Friends
  10. Acquaintances
  11. Coworkers
  12. Boss
  13. Your Child's Teachers and Other School Staff
  14. Your Children's Classmates
  15. Pets
  16. Stray Animals
  17. Pets waiting to find forever homes
  18. Specific Neighbours
  19. Your Neighbourhood
  20. Your Town/City
  21. Your Province/State/etc
  22. Your Country
  23. Your Political Leaders (Municipal, Provincial/State, Federal or your country's equivalent)
  24. Members of Your Church
  25. Your Church Leaders
  26. Your Church Type (e.g. all United Church or all Pentecostal Church or all Catholic Church)
  27. The Unsaved
  28. Orphans
  29. Children in Foster Care
  30. Widows and Widowers
  31. All Children
  32. All Seniors
  33. Seniors in Nursing Homes Without Families
  34. All New Moms/Dads
  35. All Struggling Moms/Dads
  36. Those who are anxious
  37. Those who suffer from any mental illness
  38. Those who are suffering from any illness/disease you are suffering from (eg. I pray for those who suffer from migraine, fibromyalgia and Bipolar)
  39. Those who have Cancer
  40. Those with dementia
  41. The families of those who are sick with any of the above
  42. Those who are poor
  43. Those who are homeless
  44. Those who do not use their money wisely
  45. Those who are struggling with pornography
  46. Those who are struggling with adultery
  47. Those dealing with shame or guilt
  48. Those dealing with anger
  49. Those who have divorced or are contemplating divorce
  50. Those who have false beliefs about the faith
  51. Those who poorly represent Christians
  52. Those who have hurt me physically or emotionally
  53. Those who make poor decisions
  54. Those dealing with persecution
  55. Those dealing with discrimination
  56. Those doing the persecution or discrimination
  57. Those in abusive situations
  58. Those being abusive
  59. Criminals
  60. Those contemplating turning to crime
  61. Doctors/Nurses/Medical Staff
  62. Police
  63. Firefighters
  64. EMS and other Emergency Crew
  65. Those who do the same job as you
Did you think of any I forgot?