Saturday, August 29, 2015

Christian Women's Conference Day 2

Day two of the Christian women's conference brought me even more knowledge and hope.

Imagine you have a cup of water with impurities in it. You want to drink from it but it's not clean. How do you make it more clean and less impure? Saturate it with more water. The water will filter the impurities to the top where you can take them out. By the same token, God doesn't want to change us, he just wants to put more of himself in us to saturate us with himself so that our impurities may be filtered out.

About Revelation

Revelation - unknown fact that is made known in a dynamic or dramatic way.

You need a revelation about who you are. A revelation of your true destiny. 

 About Drama

Drama reveals reality. Women are deep and so we have more drama. Men are simple. Drama you have been through becomes your reality unless you let it go.

About Your Past

Satan tries to stop you from advancing. He makes you focus on the past and present instead of the future.

Women replay the past over and over. You must let it go.

Don't own where you've been or who you've been.

Use your past as a stepping stone, as a platform.

AA says that once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic but that is NOT true. You are NOT what you used to be.

About Your Destiny

 Satan tries to assassinate your destiny

"You Must Now Know Who I Am!" - I am important, I am unique, I am me

When I know myself - I walk, talk and act different.

"You're about to have a coming out party" - you are going to come out as you really are

If God put me in the world, the world must need me.

About Others

See your accusers, the haters. They look up at you because they are beneath you.

"Take the stench of your past and make it perfume of your present!"

"If you're gonna go with me, you gotta grow with me" - only surround yourself with people who will help you advance.

"You gotta love everybody but you gotta love some from a distance" - regarding people who bring negativity to the world.

About Your Issues

Circle Your Problems, Don't Let Them Circle You

Your dysfunction has become your normal. If you lead a dysfunctional life for long enough, it becomes your normal and you have to constantly work at keeping it where you want it. You have to keep adjusting yourself. You might feel like it gets worse before it gets better.

Get off Facebook and put your face IN the book.

God doesn't want to bless your mess. He can't bless you until you deal with your issues (just like in John 4 when he is talking to the Samaritan woman.

Your issues are coming between YOU and your DESTINY.

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