Saturday, August 8, 2015

How My Call to God Affects My Family

My family is not religious. Not the immediate family, nor extended, on either sides. So my kids have grown up knowing there are religions out there but not really being surrounded by it. As I mentioned in a previous post, we celebrated the secular version of Christmas and Easter and although we celebrated some Jewish holidays too, I'd consider the family very reform so it's not religious exactly.

So when I was called to Christianity and have since been embracing it with daily prayer, bible reading and studying and Christian music, it was a lot more than my family was used to. My husband is being very supportive and one of my children is interested in learning more but another of my children apparently is annoyed by it.

Yesterday she asked me, "When are you going to get over it?" I was very hurt by this but today I sat her down and explained that although she's not used to, many families are full of religious observances and talk and that I'm not saying she has to be Christian but if she has any questions I'm here.

So now I'm struggling with being the only Christian in the family. I keep praying that my family will find Jesus but until that happens, I feel very alone.

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