Saturday, August 1, 2015

My Calling

During the dark time of early 2015 I was plagued with visions of evil things and I saw demons. It was a scary time. Beyond it all, I felt a calling but I ignored it for the most part in the beginning because I was fighting my demons. Once I went to the hospital and starting getting better, I was able to embrace the calling and give in to the need to reach out and learn. I grabbed the nearest bible and started reading.

A friend in hospital called Jamie and I were talking about music and she mentioned that she didn't know the newest songs because she only listened to Christian music. It was something I hadn't thought of and when I got home, I quickly found Christian music to listen to and I've almost exclusively listened to it since. I love it.

I've since acquired bibles of my own as well as angel statues, mini crosses and other Christian decorations to surround myself with. I spend hours each day reading Christian books and blogs and learning as much as I can. I feel the calling strongly, so strongly that I could not deny it even when I felt odd, as my previous feelings of Christianity were less then pleasant.

When hearing previously of others having a calling, I thought they just meant they chose Christianity and called it a calling but now I know, it's not the same. Jesus called to me and now I walk with him.

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