Friday, July 30, 2021

We Must Trust in God

Have you ever wondered why God doesn't just make our lives easier? Why he doesn't help us win the lottery or get a high paying job or give us a great house? 

Remember in the bible when the Israelites are wandering in the desert? God gives them manna or food every day. He provides only enough for them to need and if they try to save some, it goes bad. They must rely on God to get food everyday. Why doesn't he just give them a weeks worth at a time?

Consider this quote from the book Spurgeon on the Power of Prayer compiled by Jason K. Allen:

 "...suppose this child should doubt whether his father would provide him with his daily food. He might then say, "Father, give me enough money to last for the next ten years, for I shall then be a man and able to provide for myself. Give me money to quiet my fears, for I am in great anxiety." The father replies, "My son, what should I do that for?" And he gets for a reply, "I am very sorry to say it, dear father, but I cannot trust you. I have such a weak faith in you and your love that I am afraid one of these days you will leave me to starve, and therefore I should like to have something sure in the bank." Which of you fathers would listen to this child's request?"

When you consider it this way,  it makes perfect sense. Why should God provide us with a week's worth of food or help us win the lottery just so we can forget him until we need him again. This is not the kind of relationship we are meant to have with him. By needing him daily, we are reminded to trust in him and to have faith. 

Do you trust in God?

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